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Our Sun Rooms offer a halfway house between a conservatory and an extension in the respect that the roof will be traditionally tiled or slated but large glazing areas in the sidewalls of the room ensure that your Hunter Sun Room will always retain a light and airy feel.

The Sun Room can also be versatile from the point of view that it can be used as a playroom, office, games room, dining area, sitting room or bedroom to name just a few uses. However, every design is unique and our sales consultant will listen to your brief and design a product around your needs whilst guiding you through all the relevant building standards.

Vaulted Ceilings and Velux Windows

A Hunter Sunroom can also be specified with a vaulted ceiling providing another unique design option ensuring that there is more space within the room and further enhancing that airy feeling so many of our clients feel is a big feature of our conservatories. More light can be added by adding a single or multiple Velux roof windows to your design (see Velux photographs below).


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